the creative endeavours
when we dare to imagine

Teashade is a collection handle for me,
To house the collection of projects that I do.
It has turned out to be quite a spectrum of things,
As I often rely on intuition over hard knowledge.
Which frees me to access any subject or domain.

Subheading one
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Subheading Two
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A personal self-taught machine learning and fully automated algotrading project.

Creative Director

Clink Clank Clunk

An artisanal jewellery atelier that offers custom jewellery commissions and workshop experiences.


195 PHT

A not-for-profit community-and-place-making project to promote commercial and experimental arts exploration.

Legal Tech

Untitled Project #2

A legal tech SAAS project.


Nothing Yet

TBH I'm probably pursuing too many projects already.


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